About me

About me

Hi. Welcome to my book blog! My name is Fleur, I’m nineteen years old and I’m currently trying to figure out what I like to write about most. It’s obvious I like to write about books, but there might be more topics I’ll write about in the future. For now, expect all kind of book-related topics to show up!


Who am I?

I’ve already told you my name and age so I will continue by telling you that I live in a teeny tiny country named The Netherlands. I’ve been writing on and off for about four years now, I think. Wattpad was where it all started for me. When I went through a rough time, that was the place where I could let my fantasy come to life. Through the years, the writing got less and less until I found myself missing it last year. I often thought about starting a blog, but I never did dare to pursue the idea.


Until I dropped out of university. I studied psychology for a year plus one semester, and I found myself completely miserable. I figuredĀ out that the study was making me unhappy and that changes had to be made. I made the decision to drop out, and, looking back in hindsight, couldn’t be happier that I made that choice. Dropping out certainly made me feel less miserable, and while I still had some personal issues I needed to work out, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.


A few months after I dropped out, I started thing about starting a blog again. I even went as far as creating a website and setting it up. But when it was finally live and running, I hit a wall. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my blog. All I knew was that I wanted to write.


So, here we are a few months later (again). After thinking for a long while, I think I figured out what I want to write about. I’ve had a ‘bookstagram’ account on Instagram for a couple of years now. I realised that I loved talking about books to my family and friends and that they sometimes have a hard time getting me to stop talking about it. So I thought, why not make my blog book-related?


I will mainly focus on writing book-related topics such as reviews, subscription-box unboxings and annotating.


I hope you like what I write about, and if you do, please do not hesitate to leave a comment!


All the love,