Review Policy

I always love to receive ARCs to review and write a review about. If you want me to review your novel, please contact me by sending an e-mail to or fill in the form on my contact page. I will always try to answer within 48 hours. 

Please note:

  1. I have the right to deny your request to review your novel. 
  2. Blogging is a part-time job for me, This means that I won’t always be able to review your novel within two weeks of you sending me said book.
  3. I only review paper copies. I love to annotate my books and will also do this when I review an ARC.  Neither do I have an E-reader, so paper copies are my preferred format.
  4.  The fact that I received an ARC to review will not mean that I won’t share my honest opinion on your novel.  I will not review an ARC any different than any other book I bought.  I will always use the rating system listed below.

Genre’s I prefer to read: I mostly read YA books.  I love to read anything fantasy, dystopian or mythology related. Sometimes I will read contemporary or mystery/detectives. 

Rating System

1 star – I did not like this book at all. I would not recommend it.

2 stars – This book was okay. But I did not like the majority of the book and/or writing style etcetera.

3 stars – I liked this book fine. However, it was nothing exceptional. I might recommend it.

4 stars – This book was lovely. Although there may have been minor issues, I would definitely recommend this book.

5 stars – I adored this book. It was amazing. I would most definitely recommend it.