Review: The Hidden Oracle

Title: The Hidden Oracle

Part of series: The trials of Apollo

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, mythology

Rating: /5


Note: this review will contain spoilers if you have not yet read the books in The Heroes Of Olympus series. It does not contain any spoilers for the ‘trials of Apollo – the hidden oracle’!



“My name is Apollo.

I used to be a God.

But that was before I was cast down from Olympus (a terrible misunderstanding) and woke up in a New York dumpster.

I persuaded Percy Jackson to give me a lift to Camp Half-Blood. But the place is a chaos. Demigods are going missing and the all-seeing Oracles have fallen to a mysterious enemy known only as ‘the Beast’.

I figured that regaining Zeus’s favour would involve a series of harrowing trials, and I was right (I usually am). My first task? Protect the final Oracle, hidden away for millennia. If I fail, the Beast will control the future, but worse — I’ll be stuck as a teenage boy, forever…”



First things first, I am a massive fan of Rick Riordan’s’ books. I was so afraid that I’d read any kind of spoiler about the Heroes of Olympus books that only after finishing the series I dared to look up the summaries of his other books. 

I talked about finishing the Heroes of Olympus series in a post on my Instagram, and I asked my followers what I was supposed to read next. Many of them recommended reading ‘The trials of Apollo – the Hidden Oracle.’ So – feeling safe that it would not contain any spoilers anymore – I looked it up on book depository, and bought a copy.

I was so excited to read it, I did not waste any time in picking it up when it came in the mail. For me, it was just like reading any other book written by Rick Riordan. I couldn’t put it down if I wanted. What I like most about his writing, is that somehow he manages to give almost every character wit and sarcasm, but the characters all display this in their owns ways, thus preventing that the characters seem like the same persons. If you think Percy is funny, you’ll probably love Apollo.

As the summary reveals, he’s cast down from Olympus by his father, Zeus, and he is no longer in his Godly form. In the book, you follow Apollo as he learns how to deal with being human. He starts by trying to find his way to Percy Jackson. When he does, Percy gives him a lift to Camp Half-Blood, where there’s been trouble going on. Campers are going missing and the Oracles are shut down. As the synopsis tells you, Apollo finds out that it is up to him to find the last standing Oracle and secure it before it too, falls into the hands of his enemy, only known as ‘the Beast’.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I can not wait to get my hands on the second book in the series. I believe I read this book in a week, and that was only because I had to put it down for a few days, because I had a really busy schedule. If my schedule had allowed it, I could’ve probably finished it in two days. To anyone who loves Rick Riordan’s book or loves good character development, I can most certainly recommend it. This book features all that we expect from Riordan. It’s funny, light (though with serious events) and adventurous. It’s everything I love in a good book.

“Things can turn out differently, Apollo. That’s the nice thing about being human. We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it’s going to be.”

I hope you enjoyed this review! If you’ve read it, leave your thoughts in the comments! (please do put a spoiler warning above your comment if it contains spoilers).





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